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Colorado Earth Space Network

The objective of CESN is the advancement, stimulation, extension, improvement and coordination of Earth and Space Science education at all educational levels in Colorado.





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Mnemonic Contest

Thanks for all your entries, your kids are to be applauded for their
efforts! An esteemed panel cut our list to four before the convention
and those attending decided the winner. And the winner is....well maybe
I should cut to a commercial (they do it all the time on Deal or No

Below is the list of all the mnemonics.
You'll find the winning one at the very end. We collected $60 and CESN
is putting in an additional $50 to the winners. We hope you can find a
great educational use for the money. I hope you look for another
contest next year!

Kerry Adams
CESN President

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Ugly Nachos

Many Very Energetic Monsters Just Sang Unusual Notes

My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos

My Very Evil Monkey Just Served Us NOTHING! (it helps to pound your
fist on your desk as you say NOTHING!)

My very elegant mongoose just sat upon noodles.

Maddy Visits Earth & Makes Juice Slushys Until Noon

Mario Vende Eramientas Mientras Justra Sus Unas Negras

My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Nachos

My Very Excellent Mother Just Served Us Noodles

My Very Evil Mother Just Served Us Nothing

Mother's Very Excellent Money Just Saved Us Now

My Vacuum Eats My Jacket Sitting Under Neptune

My Very Evil Mother Just Sent Us Nothing!

My Viscous Evil Monkey Just Sent Us Nouns.

Mr. Vince Emailed Me Just Some Ugly News.

My Very Energetic Mom Just Served Us Nachos.

My Very Excellent Mailman Just Sent Us Notes.

My Very Eager Mailman Just Sent Us News

My Very Educated Monkey Just Served Us Nachos

My Voice Exhibits Miraculous Jubilation Singing Unbelievable Nocturnes

My Very Enormous Monkey Just Sat Under Niagara Falls

Many Very Educated Monkies Just Swing Until Night

My Vacuum’s Evil Minded Jet Stream Understands Nobody

Many Very Excellent Men Jump Slowly Upward Now

Most Vipers Eat Many Jumping Spiders Under Nets

Many Very Educated Men Just Swam Until Night

The following two mnemonics include some of those “extras” —the commas
represents the asteroid belt, and the second starts with the Sun:

 Money Varies Every Month, Just Sit Until Noon

Super Moms Vault Extreme Mountains, Jogging Slowly Up North


Most Volcanoes Erupt Magma Joyfully Skyward Until Noon

congrads to Jessicca Shaffer and her students at Longmont Estates Elementary



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